Hundreds march against F-35 fighter jets

MADISON, Wis. — Around five hundred protesters marched their way to the Truax Air Base Saturday afternoon to make clear their opposition to the jets being potentially station in Madison.

The parade march was organized by Safe Skies Clean Water-Wisconsin as the latest in a series of efforts by the organization to stop Madison from being chosen as the fighter jets host city.

Among the groups biggest concerns about the jets are noise levels and negative environmental implications they said the F-35s will bring.

Protester Scott Ross lives in a neighborhood that he said is among the most impacted by the F-35s and believes it’s important to keep fighting the issue.

“I’m here because what is under attack with the F-35s are our homes, our kids, our families and our neighbors,” said Ross.

The final decision on where the F-35s will ultimately be based is expected to be made next month.