Humane Society gives pup life-saving makeover

Neglected dog gets new life
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When little Ellie Mae first arrived at the Nebraska Humane Society, staff wasn’t sure exactly what they’d find.

What they did know: this was the worst case of matting they had ever seen.

Staff members say Ellie Mae was covered in an “incredible stinking mass of hair”.

So, they got to work.

They shaved her down and cleaned her up.

It took three staff members an hour to remove all the matted fur.

In the end, it wound up being nine pounds’ worth.

And it gets worse: officials say some of her nails were as long as seven inches.

Officials with NHS say her owner died and she wasn’t found until some people came to clean out the home.

But they think she hadn’t been groomed in more than a year.

Take a look at the pup’s glow up.

Officials say she also needed surgery, but that she is doing just fine.

They think she could have died within days if she wasn’t found when she was.

Ellie Mae is an 11-year-old Shih Tzu. Someone does have dibs on her as of Friday night, but if they do not claim her by Monday morning, she will go up for adoption.