How to seek your soul map

Could tarot cards help you tap into a higher self?
Luna Lynn Frey holding a tarot card
Photo by Timothy Hughes
Luna Lynn Frey

Luna Lynn Frey has worked in metaphysical shops or taken spiritual classes since she was 18. But in the past year or so, in her role as co-owner of Cosmic Delights, which opened in 2013, Frey has noticed such an uptick in public interest that she and her colleagues have deemed this period the “Great Awakening.”

“I think 2020 was sort of the year of fear and feeling really helpless for a lot of people, and the way that our natural intuition guides us to overcome that is to find self-empowerment,” she says. “When people are feeling very isolated and like they don’t have control over their outer world, they turn to their inside world.”

One way folks can better understand themselves spiritually — finding one’s soul map, as Frey puts it — is through the use of tarot cards, which use compelling imagery and patterns to help recognize the root of tension or conflict in one’s life.

“I think what tarot reading is really good for is helping to tap into the subconscious mind and see situations or aspects of ourselves that we’ve blocked off or can’t see fully,” Frey says.

Different phases of life, personality traits and energies are all represented by the cards, and their meanings are often subjective. For example, the Seven of Swords may be interpreted differently depending on what is going on in an individual’s life. Some feel the card represents theft, others see another person or activity wasting their time and still others interpret a reclamation of something that was taken. Frey suggests getting to know your deck slowly. Pick one card a day at first, then journal about how its energy and message affect you throughout that day.

“You’ll start to get it over time, but there really is no rush to get to know the deck quickly,” she says. “Take your time with it. … It’s like getting to know yourself.”

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