How to save money on back-to-school supplies

How to save money on back-to-school supplies

As kids start to head back to school, take a look at some tips to help you save money on supplies.

Start shopping at home: Before you head to the store, see if you have any of the supplies at home. You might have a stack of unused notebooks, pencils or an extra glue stick at home.

Stick to the list: When your kids walk down the school supply aisles, they are likely to see items they want that aren’t on the list. Before buying extra items that your kids want, first buy all of the necessities and see if you’re on budget.

Avoid the designer, trendy items: Your child might be eying a designer backpack, or folders that are triple the cost of the normal paper folders. Before you start splurging, first buy the basics. You can also wait to buy the more expensive backpacks or pencil cases after school starts to see if they go on sale.

Take advantage of sales: Most large retail stores will have sales on back-to-school supplies. Take advantage of those discounts, and also watch for coupons. For clothes, try to hit the Labor Day weekend sales, or look for sales on items (like jeans or t-shirts) that you know your child will wear all year.