How to prepare, apply for college when learning virtually

MADISON, Wis. – As many schools are once again looking at virtual learning this fall, we’re learning ways to help your teen prepare and apply for college.

News 3 Now talked to Kristin Kluge, a school counselor with MMSD, about what your kids can do right now to set them up for the future they want, while stuck at home.

Kluge says it’s best to go right to your university with questions regarding admission and scholarships. Colleges, like everything else right now, have to adapt and change during the pandemic with so many limitations in place. As your high schooler prepares for college, Kluge says you should encourage your child to do something more rather than just going through the motions of online learning.

“They may not be able to play their sport this fall or participate in an extracurricular like they have in the past, but we have seen things kind of pop up that are new that students can do that can really impact their community,” Kluge said.

That can be anything from volunteering for a supply or food drive, creating virtual story times for younger students, or sewing masks. Kluge notes it’s all about developing a new skill or learning something new and making that known during interviews or on your college applications

“There really are a lot of things that students can do to say hey during this time when things were really stressful and when things were really uncertain I wanted to develop this new skill,” she added.

Kluge also wants students to remember how accessible school counselors are, even during this time. They can be your first resource as you look for assistance, not in just college and career, but academically, and socially and emotionally.

“There’s no question too small, and if we don’t have the answer, because a lot of times we won’t have the answer with things changing so quickly, we can definitely help them find it and process it and navigate that,” Kluge concluded.

Academics are still very important; school counselors say it’s crucial to stay engaged in online learning. As some universities look to waive ACT/SAT testing, there could be other requirements in order to gain acceptance.