How to make your own mask at home

All you need is a piece of cloth and a pair of rubber bands

MADISON, Wis. — Dane County’s mask mandate goes into effect 8 a.m. Monday, but sometimes those masks can be hard to find in stores, or aren’t affordable for everyone.

Luckily, there is a quick DIY project you can do at home to make your own effective face covering, with instructions provided by the CDC — no sewing required.

All you need is a thin piece of cloth — something you can still breathe through, like a handkerchief, bandana, or even parts of an old t-shirt — and a pair of rubber bands.

It works best with a square piece of fabric, roughly 20″ x 20″. Start by folding the fabric in half, then folding it again into thirds so the top end and bottom end meet in the middle.

From there, place rubber bands, hair ties or other elastic materials about six inches apart over the fabric.

Tuck the outer edges in toward the middle, so the bands are left hanging on the outside.

You can then put on the face covering like you would any other mask.

Since no sewing is required and these face coverings are made with cloth, you should be able to just undo all of the folding and throw the cloth in the laundry to clean it after use.