How to find affordable fitness in Madison

How to find affordable fitness in Madison

There are plenty of options when it comes to fitness in Madison which is known for being one of the healthiest cities across the county, but with growing opportunities, many struggle to find the best option on a budget.

Mollie Sheridan took her daily workout to the next level around three years ago after not seeing any results in her day to day routine.

A friend told her about Burn Boot Camp, so she decided to give the Verona campus a try.

” I thought it was perfect because I just had my baby, ” Sheridan said. ” I was looking to get a little more into shape and get toned. ”

For Mollie, spending a little extra money on fitness is well worth it, especially with help from trainers like Cody Burns.

” We’re going to make sure you’re challenged, but not too much or too little, it’s going to be just right for you every time, ” said Burns.

Mollie is a busy mother, so Cody’s class also gives her a chance to focus on herself. She enjoys the convenience of free child care while working out at burn, something not all fitness centers have.

” It’s just such a convenience to bring my daughter here, ” Sheridan added.

Burns says it’s very rewarding to see parents take time for themselves.

” When I see mothers and fathers come here and actually dedicate that one hour and completely forget about everything outside of these four walls and just focus on themselves for once, I get to see them grow as people, ” Burns said.

Sheridan says she enjoys the time to talk with other moms, too.

” I get to socialize with other women here, and we all are just like one big family, ” she said.

It’s that spirit, UW Health Clinical Exercise Physiologist Jude Sullivan loves to see.

” Too often people will self-select themselves out of something without actually having an experience first, ” Sullivan explained.

Sullivan says fitness is and will always be different to every individual.

” I would say to be curious, ” he added.

While some people enjoy working out in large groups, some prefer to do it alone.

” Some people like the isolation, ” Sullivan added. ” They want to be by themselves because it’s their only time a day when they get to be by themselves. ”

Sullivan says for many folks it’s just about getting up and moving every day. He says that’s why it’s important to meet people where they’re at, especially those with more of a restricted fitness budget.

” You have to respect and honor that could be just another strategy for failure if you’re not addressing that in the big picture, ” Sullivan explained.

Sullivan relates fitness to a buying a car. Some want it just to get them from one point to another, while others are willing to spend a bit more to fit their style.

Here’s a breakdown of the average month-to-month prices of some unlimited fitness memberships in Madison:

Burn Boot Camp recently offered $159/month for a six month long contract, but the longer you commit, that price goes down significantly.
Barr 3 will have you paying around $119/month.
Cyclebar will cost you about $149/month.
A monthly membership at Princeton Club will run you around $89 for a single person.
Meanwhile, at-home work out Peloton will start you at $39/month, but you have to have the specific equipment at home.
At-home BeachBody workout will run you $39 for three months.

Experts say the best thing to do is wait for certain free trials and specials most gyms offer, but either way, Sullivan says it all comes down to making fitness work for you given the amount of money you want to shell out.

” I don’t think you can put a price tag on your health, ” Sullivan stressed. ” There’s nobody who can really assign value to that. ”

For Mollie, the money spent for boot camp gives her more of the lifestyle she wants to live, rather than simply stopping by the gym every day or working out at home.

” This is my happy place, ” Sheridan added. ” This is what I call it. ”

In an active city with so many options like Madison, Sullivan encourages you to find what works best for you and just go for it, but it’s still okay to ask questions along the way.

“I think people need to trust their instincts, and they need to trust their likes and dislikes and know what they know,” he said. “We serve them by kind of helping them navigate this puzzle of all these different choices that are really cool to have.”

We hope to keep this conversation going about prices in Madison. News 3 Now wants to know what kind of affordability questions you have, or what you’re experiencing. Let Josh Spreiter know by emailing him or reaching out to him on his Facebook page.

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