How to deal with a politically charged social media feed

How to deal with a politically charged social media feed

If you’re sick of all of the political arguments overflowing your social media feed, you’re suffering from what’s being called “Facebook fatigue.” It’s a common condition, especially in this political climate, but before you block that friend or relative you can’t agree with, there are some other ways to handle it.

Mike Wagner, an associate professor with UW-Madison, said political venting on social media is a reality, but there are ways to go about it that are better than others, For example, asking a question rather than making a statement can help spark intelligent discussion, and avoid making generalized statements.

“Whether it is talking about Hillary Clinton voters or Trump voters or people who supported the Women’s March or opposed the Women’s March, broad generalizations tend to devolve quickly into arguments that aren’t terribly productive on social media,” Wagner said.

If you want to talk to someone privately, you can always message directly on Facebook or Twitter.

If you really need to take a break, you can download a Chrome extension called “Remove All Politics from Facebook,” or you can unfollow specific people by simply clicking at the top right of their posts.

Remember, though, being open to other views can bring you new insights.

“The more back and forth we have with people who disagree with us, I think the more confident we can be in the reasons we have these attitudes in the first place,” Wagner said.

Wagner said the one time you should definitely try to avoid social media is right before bed so you can get a good night’s sleep.