How to choose flowers for your bouquet

Tips for buying your wedding veil

After you’ve picked out your dress and veil, the next most important element could be the bridal bouquet. Use these tips to help select the perfect bouquet for your big day.

Budget: Before you start picking out flowers, make sure you know up front how much you are willing to spend on the bouquet. This will help direct the size and types of flowers used in it.

Get ideas: Start looking through magazines and collecting images from friends and family members who had bouquets that you really liked. Bringing the florist images can help him or her pull different elements from various bouquets to get the perfect result for you.

Pick a color: Before you start looking at individual flowers, decide what overall color you want the bouquet to be. This will help the you and the florist narrow down your choices.

Know your seasons: The season your wedding is in can play a role in what your bouquet looks like. If it’s in the summer you can include bright, summer flowers, but if it’s a fall or winter wedding you might want to make the bouquet a bit darker with flowers that are more common for those seasons.