How to add your name to Wisconsin’s new ‘Vaccine Registry’ and get notified when appointments become available

MADISON, Wis.– After several delays and technical glitches, people living in Wisconsin can now sign up to be notified when they are able to get a COVID-19 vaccine. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services launched its long-awaited Vaccine Registry page today.

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Right now, Rock County is the only place in the state currently using the registry to schedule appointments, but all Wisconsinites can use the site to get notified: 1. when they become eligible for the vaccine, and 2. when there are appointments available in their area.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to navigate that process:

  • Go to the Wisconsin DHS website, here.
  • The first image you’ll see is a picture of a COVID vaccine vial and the words ‘the COVID-19 vaccine is here.’ Click on that.
  • You’re now on the vaccine page, where there are several options. Scroll to the second one, ‘Where to get the vaccine,’ and click on the underlined words, ‘vaccine registry.’
  • This is the part of the system that launched today: the rectangular box that reads, ‘The vaccine registry is now available.’ Click inside that, and you’ll find yourself on the all-new Scroll down to the box that says ‘proceed to COVID-19 questionnaire.’
  • After answering a security question, you’ll be prompted to fill out a bunch of information: your race, ethnicity, gender, age, medical history, COVID history, and contact information. There are several pages, which may seem overwhelming, but the entire process should take less than ten minutes.
  • Once complete, you’ll land on a screen that reads, ‘Thank you for completing the registration process. Would you like to be notified when there are available appointments that you are eligible for?’ Check ‘yes, please notify me.’
  • Press submit, and you’re in!

You are now one step closer to receiving your coronavirus vaccine. By April 1, DHS says you’ll be able to use the registry to find open vaccine appointments in every Wisconsin county.