How many Madison-area health care staff are vaccinated?

MADISON, Wis. — Health care systems across Wisconsin are announcing vaccination requirements this week, giving unvaccinated employees a deadline by which they will need to be vaccinated.

The news follows U.S. Department of Justice guidance issued last week, affirming that the federal law allowed employers to require vaccinations, even when the vaccines were still on emergency authorization status with the FDA.

Madison’s three major health care providers, SSM Health, UW Health, and UnityPoint Health, have now announced vaccine requirements for their staff.

Wisconsin’s Department of Health Services told News 3 Now they aren’t tracking vaccination rates among health care employees statewide. That leaves the systems themselves to self-report how many are getting vaccinated.

Here’s how many health care employees at major health care systems with a Madison presence are already vaccinated (numbers are approximations, not exact):

SSM Health (7 hospitals statewide):
June 28 mandate, deadline for vaccination late September

14,000 staff across 7 hospitals and multiple clinics in Wisconsin

80% vaccinated (77% at time of June 28 announcement); 2,800 employees not vaccinated

Additionally, 99.9% of all SSM Health leadership across four states–that means supervisors, managers, and above–were fully vaccinated in time for their separate July 31 deadline.

UW Health
August 4 mandate, deadline for final dose Nov. 1

15,000 employees

90% vaccinated

1,500 employees not vaccinated

UnityPoint Health (locations across multiple states)

August 4 mandate, deadline Nov. 1

62.3% vaccinated systemwide, 80% in Madison area