How carriers are cleaning school buses

MADISON, Wis. —  Kids in confined spaces, shared surfaces, those are difficult obstacles to overcome when you want to limit the spread of a highly contagious virus on a school bus.

Some Southern Wisconsin school districts have been running bus service during summer school to test new safety protocols, including Verona public schools.  Badger Bus operates Verona’s bus service.  Video provided by the district shows bus attendants squirting hand sanitizer on students after they’re seated and kids wearing masks.

One noticeable change on Badger Buses is open windows and rooftop emergency exits to increase ventilation, which is encouraged by the CDC.

“We rely on the pros and the scientists to help us through this process,” says John Meier, Co-Owner of Badger Bus.

Don’t be surprised if buses are still operating with open windows into the winter, Meier says.

To limit student interaction, buses will load students from the back forward, and then unload from front to back.

Badger Bus will also provide masks for students who don’t have one and drivers and attendants will frequently wipe down surfaces.

Once a day, buses on active routes are cleaned with an electromagnetic sanitizing gun, Meier says.

With many parents choosing alternate means of transportation to get their kids to school, Meier doesn’t anticipate buses will be close to capacity.

“We feel comfortable and we feel ready that we’re going to do a good job for the kids and teachers and parents to make sure they have a clean and safe experience,” Meier says.