Household items make temporary, but not easy speakers

Household items make temporary, but not easy speakers

Have you ever been at a party without music and you pull your smartphone out to crank up some tunes, but there aren’t any speakers? Well I haven’t, but a friend asked me to test out a homemade temporary speaker system to see if the effort was worth the outcome.

You’re supposed to use two red solo cups and a toilet paper roll to craft a makeshift smartphone speaker station. The post I found just had a picture so I improvised the step-by-step instructions. I also didn’t have any red solo cups, but the clear plastic cups I took from the Union a while back seemed to work just fine. I traced the toilet paper roll on the cup and then used an X-Acto knife to cut the hole. After doing the same thing to the second cup I cut a slit a half-inch deep and as wide as my iPhone in the toilet paper roll.

Ideally, the toilet paper roll slides into both holes in the cups and then the smartphone goes in the slit in the toilet paper roll. The cups are supposed to act as amplifiers while the toilet paper roll seems to be just a mechanism to connect the two cups together.

If you don’t have an X-Acto knife cutting the holes in the cups and the slit in the toilet paper roll is going to be difficult.

Pinterest do or don’t? Cutting the holes wasn’t easy, even with an X-Acto knife. Once I got the pieces put together I realized how flimsy it was. The makeshift speakers barely held up the weight of my iPhone, but once it was balanced it did stay propped up. As for the sound, it wasn’t a massive difference in volume, but it did make a difference. The thing that I noticed most was that the quality of sound seemed better. I don’t know how to describe music quality, but it sounded softer, less metallic.

I’m not sure in what situation anyone would need to use this, but it is definitely a temporary and short-term fix. The pieces don’t stay together very well and they are very flimsy. But in a pinch, and if you have an X-Acto knife to make the assembling process manageable, the plastic cups and toilet paper roll speaker is a good option.