House repair scam targets Walworth homeowners

Sheriff: Burglars steal from home while homeowner is occupied

Two burglaries have been reported in Walworth County, leading the Sheriff’s Office to caution local homeowners.

Burglars approached homeowners and offered to provide a free home service for them, said sheriff’s officials. The jobs could include painting the home, yard cleanup, sealing the driveway, or lightning rod inspection on the roof of the home.

While one burglar provides an inspection or estimate to the homeowner, another will attempt to gain entry into the home and take valuables, said officials.

The burglars target elderly homeowners or those living alone, said a press release from the Sheriff’s Office. The homeowner may not know a theft has occurred until they open a jewelry box or chest of drawers days later.

Residents reported the burglars in a gray 2003 Chevy Silverado pickup truck with a ladder rack and a newer model Dodge full ¾ ton pickup truck. The pickup pulled into the driveway before they approached the home, sheriff’s officials said.

Sheriff David Graves is asking all citizens in Walworth County to remain vigilant for these scams. Legitimate business who do perform these services do not typically go door to door, said Graves.

The Sheriff’s Office asks residents to call 262-741-4400 with any suspicious activity or tips.