Hotel incident that led to robbery, gunfire started as prostitution meeting, police say

The Janesville Police Department is looking for a woman they believe fired shots inside the Holiday Inn Express on Tuesday night.

Officers responded to multiple calls for shots fired in that hotel around 9 p.m Tuesday. Janesville police and Rock County sheriff’s deputies secured the area and immediately located three of the four people involved in the incident, as well as the handgun that was left at the scene.

Police are still looking for 20-year-old Latoya L. N. Hill. Authorities say she’s wanted for armed robbery and first-degree attempted homicide.

“We started in the Beloit area, and we’re still concentrating some of our efforts down that direction, but we’ve been networking with other law enforcement agencies in southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois,” Sgt. Chad Pearson said. “We’re broadening our scope. As time lapses and as information gets out there, she’s aware that we’re looking for her.”

Police said Hill and a man from Canada arranged via an app to meet for prostitution. Hill was carrying a gun and demanded money from the man. He gave her the money, and police said they started to argue.

Officers said Hill shot the gun at the man twice and missed both times. The two struggled for the gun, and the incident spilled into the hallway. Officials said another hotel guest intervened.

“There was a good Samaritan that overheard what was going on and stepped out of his room and saw that this fight was going on,” Pearson said. “The good Samaritan actually went over and helped out and pulled the gun away from Ms. Hill and our victim.”

Police said Hill ran out of the hotel and left in a red Chevrolet Monte Carlo.

No one was hurt in the incident, according to authorities. Two shell casings were found and a wall was damaged.

Police said Hill brought another person with her into the room, but that person left when she brought out the gun. Officers said that person has been helpful during the investigation.

Police said some hotel guests were briefly evacuated, then officers told them that the incident was isolated, the meeting had been arranged and there was no longer any danger at the hotel.

Officials were “ensuring the public coming in to a holiday weekend that this was an isolated event from people who came to Janesville,” Pearson said. “And to those that are planning to come here to visit their family and friends, this community is still safe.”

Anyone with information on Hill’s whereabouts should call the Janesville Police Department at 608-755-3100.