Hot chocolate spheres? They’re the bomb.

Where to purchase your own hot cocoa bombs in and near Madison.

Instagram has been flooded with them. They seem to deny the laws of physics and chocolatiering. But most of all, we know that you’ve been wanting to get your paws on one yourself: The cocoa bomb.

A sphere of chocolate just thick enough to hold its weight, but just thin enough to melt when submerged in steaming hot milk, cocoa bombs put an innovative spin on your typical mug of hot chocolate. Tucked inside a shell of hardened chocolate is hot cocoa mix and sometimes mini marshmallows or other sweet add-ins that are released as the sphere melts.

These tricky little desserts aren’t the easiest to find, but the following local chocolatiers and bakers are geared up to give you the hot chocolate fantasy of your dreams.

Krenare’s Custom Desserts: A teacher by day and baker by night, Krenare Lumani pumps out an assortment of wicked cocoa bombs through her side gig business, Krenare’s Custom Desserts. From the dark chocolate raspberry hot cocoa bomb — which Krenare suggests you pair with a shot of Chambord Liqueur for a winter afternoon treat — to glitter bombs topped with 24 karat gold to ring in the new year, you’re guaranteed some sweet sips. To order, direct message Krenare’s Custom Desserts on Facebook or Instagram.

Grace Coffee Co.: This holiday season, Grace Coffee Co. rolled out a bunch of different types of hot cocoa bombs for gifting and gulping. Keep your eye out when ordering from any of the Grace locations, since options like Lucky Charms, cookies and cream, peppermint white chocolate and even booze-infused bombs have made an appearance in the past month. Order online or download the Grace Coffee Co. app to get one yourself.

Sweetzo: In December, Sweetzo sent 100 individually wrapped cocoa bombs to frontline workers as a token of appreciation. But whether you’ve been relaxing at home or perfecting your WFH routine, we all deserve a warm and frothy treat here and there. Flavors sold during the holidays included gingerbread, peppermint and a slew of chocolates — some even stacked in the shape of a snowman — but the Sweetzo team is currently cooking up some original Valentine’s Day recipes to look out for.

The Chocolate Caper: Opening back up on Jan. 11, the online store for The Chocolate Caper is loaded with Magic Drinking Chocolate Orbs. (Much cooler than “cocoa bomb,”’ if you ask me.) Pick between the trifecta of chocolate — white, dark or milk — and watch the melty magic before diving into your cup of cocoa. Order online on The Chocolate Caper’s website.

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