Hospitalized voters can request absentee ballots starting Tuesday

absentee ballot envelope

MADISON, Wis. — Tuesday is the first day hospitalized voters can appoint an agent to retrieve a Presidential Election absentee ballot from the city of Madison Clerk’s Office.

According to a release, the agent will deliver the ballot to the hospital and then return it to the clerk’s office. The process is available until 5 p.m. on Election Day.

Anyone can be appointed as an agent to a hospitalized voter. The agent delivers the request to the clerk’s office along with the agent’s ID and a copy of the voter’s ID.

If the voter needs to register or update voter registration, the agent will bring a completed voter registration application and proof of the voter’s address, the release said.

Anyone who is not a candidate on the ballot can be a witness for a hospitalized voter and the agent can also be a witness.

The agent will deliver sealed absentee ballots to the clerk’s office with the voter’s signature, the witness’ signature and witness address on the envelope. In order for the ballot to count, it must be returned early enough that the clerk’s office receives it by Election Day.

If you are hospitalized, click here for full details about how to vote absentee.