Hop on your Hog and support Safe Harbor

A weekend ride to benefit child advocacy center
Hop on your Hog and support Safe Harbor

We are big fans of the Safe Harbor Advocacy Center, and of the work done there. It’s traumatic enough when kids are victims of abuse or witnesses to crimes. To be able to mitigate some of that trauma by providing a safe, child-friendly environment where kids can comfortably interact with law enforcement seems smart and caring to us. And that’s just what Safe Harbor provides.

Couple that with ongoing advocacy on behalf of these children and their families and you have an invaluable community resource.

But like most resources for children – to our great shame – financial support is a constant struggle. This weekend’s Ron Boylan Motorcycle Ride is one of Safe Harbor’s bigger fundraisers and we want it to be a success.

The 100 mile ride is made possible by the Dane County Sheriff’s Department, of which Boylan was a member. It’s a great ride. But it also includes big time raffle prizes starting with a 2014 Harley.

Details and registration information are available at Safe Harbor’s website. Get on board. The money raised goes a long ways to protecting some pretty vulnerable kids.