Honoring One Of The Best

A fitting tribute to a great reporter.
Honoring One Of The Best



Mike Miller is the best courts reporter I ever read. He’s also a very good friend so this is not an absolutely unbiased opinion. But I read his work and tried to emulate his reporting style before we became friends so I stand by my assessment.

Mike retired from the Capital Times a few years back. That retirement is going to be shorter then he, or any of the rest of us, would like. Mike has pancreatic cancer that has spread. He’s living with it right now.

A few weeks ago a whole bunch of people packed a Dane County courtroom where a pressroom was being dedicated in Miller’s name. It is about as perfect a tribute as I can think of. First of all the judges and lawyers and bailiffs and court staff on hand all have tremendous respect for Mike. He knows more law than some lawyers and yes, some young judges. And he was a great newspaperman. A reporter’s reporter. But he’s also a great guy and the affection directed his way was as genuine as it was warm. And this editorial board would like very much for Mike to find some comfort in that affection and the well-deserved honor that came with it.