Hometown pride: Badger fans become Wolverine fans to support area wrestler

HIGHLAND, Wis. — Highland, Wisconsin, may be a town of less than 1,000, but that means showing the love for one of their own.

“This was his dream and everyone supported it,” said Pat Kalmerton.

Even if it means you were a big letter “M” instead of a “W.”

Redshirt freshman Max Maylor came home to wrestle on Wisconsin territory for the first time since becoming a Wolverine.

“I don’t know when Pat wanted to do the buses. I was like ‘maybe just get one,’” said Wendy Kalmerton, Max’s mom.

About 150 people piled into two buses and a lot of cars to come to the University of Wisconsin-Madison Field House.

“The community support in Highland, Wisconsin, is just anything that you do, you are supported 100%,” said Pat Kalmerton.

Max isn’t too surprised, because he’s always felt the love.

“I always got a lot of support because I come from a small town, so I feel like a lot of people went to my matches,” said Max Maylor.

Of those people, two in particular, never miss a match.

“My parents. I got the best parents in the world. They go out of their way to come see me wrestle every weekend. They come to Michigan every home dual when we travel. It’s just really nice when you just look up in the stands and see your parents,” said Maylor.

“Michigan is a tough school, I mean academically. The fact that he is pulling off good grades and being an athlete to boot, I mean, you can’t get much better than that,” said Wendy Kalmerton.