Hometown Pharmacy partners with telepsychiatry provider

Telepsychiatry expands access throughout state

In a private room at Hometown Pharmacy, in which customer usually receive vaccination shots, individuals can speak to a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner via teleconference. Utilizing technology, these nurse practitioners are expanding access to mental health care in Wisconsin.

“If it is either care for me, my family member or my child, you can’t always go and drive two hours, one way, to then set in a waiting room forever to get care. So I wanted to make care accessible,” says Carmen Kosicek, CEO of Alay Health Team.

At an office in Pewaukee 8 psychiatric mental health nurse practitioners provide telepsychiatry to individuals around Wisconsin. By partnering with Hometown Pharmacy they provide access to mental health care and treatment.

“By implementing our service with the pharmacy we have access for patients to receive injections and access to the providers literally on their smart phone, tablet or laptop,” says Kosicek.

Currently, 15 Hometown Pharmacy stores in the state are equipped for telepsychiatry. Work is being done to provide access at the remaining stores.

“We were able to put together a group of people that kind of made this a destination place. So it was neat to have people come here for healthcare. Pharmacists have been vaccinating people for a long time. This kind of fell in line with vaccinations,” says Larry Crowley, a pharmacist with Hometown Pharmacy.

Because addictions falls under the umbrella of mental health care, individuals dealing with opioid or heroin addiction can be cared for by the psychiatric nurse practitioners and prescribed an injection of Vivitrol, a medication that helps to stop the addiction cycle. Once the prescription is received by the pharmacist, the injection of Vivitrol can be given in the pharmacy.