Homeless property moved from CCB to storage structures

Homeless property moved from CCB to storage structures

To the dismay of some of Madison’s homeless population and their advocates, city and county officials made good on a promise to move all unattended property from the City-County Building to storage structures about a block away on the corner of West Wilson Street.

While some homeless advocates have called the storage units a bad idea, city and county leaders maintain it is part of an overall public safety improvement plan.

After notices were placed on the property last Thursday, some people were upset. However, Dane County Administration Director Travis Myren said Monday morning’s move went without incident.

“If someone is sitting there with their property we’re not going to take that from them, but if it’s not attended property it will be moved to the storage structures,” Myren said.

The move is part of so-called improved CCB security upgrades, including a night security guard and modified building hours.

City of Madison representatives did not return a request for comment.