Ho-Chunk Nation flag raised above UW-Madison’s Bascom Hill for second time

MADISON, Wis. — For the second time, the Ho-Chunk Nation’s flag is flying over Bascom Hill at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in an effort to strengthen campus-tribal relations.

Thursday morning, UW-Madison and Ho-Chunk Nation leaders raised the flag in front of Bascom Hall, where it will fly for a week.

At a ceremony, new Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin said the display reaffirms the university’s commitment to enhancing relations with the tribe.

“Today’s flag raising gives us a really important opportunity: to further create awareness of our relationship with the Ho-Chunk Nation as we begin our new academic year,” she said.

Marlon WhiteEagle, the president of the Ho-Chunk Nation, said it also provides a chance to teach others about those who once lived on the land currently home to the university and the city of Madison.

It also helps people learn about the Ho-Chunk people as they exist today, he added.

“These efforts here are very thoughtful and very inclusive to not only the Ho-Chunk people, but it’s a real opportunity to learn about the people that lived here,” WhiteEagle said. “Some of it brings out some emotion, some brings out… a pain inside, but we’re working through that to want to be able to come and be a part of the community and share our culture with you.”

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The flag is also set to fly over Bascom Hall for a week beginning next month for Indigenous Peoples Day and then for the full month of November when the university celebrates Native November.

Last year, the flag flew on top of Bascom Hall for one day in November, marking the first time it had flown alongside the state and U.S. flags on campus.