Hit-and-run driver arrested when police respond to broken down car

Police: 36-year-old admits to taking prescription medication before crash
Hit-and-run driver arrested when police respond to broken down car

A Watertown man was arrested when police responded to his vehicle that broke down after a hit-and-run crash Friday morning, according to a release.

A 24-year-old Sun Prairie man told police he was on a ramp going from Highway 30 onto Highway 51 when a car slammed into the back of his pickup truck around 10:50 a.m.

Police said the Sun Prairie man tried following the vehicle that rear-ended him, but the other driver, Camrin J. McDonald, 36, of Watertown, sped away.

A couple minutes later officers were sent to South Blair and East Wilson streets for a damaged car that was shutting down, according to the release.

A 35-year-old woman was in the passenger seat of the vehicle and had suffered facial injuries in the crash, police said. McDonald told police he had taken prescription medication prior to the crash.

Prior to the crash several motorists called 911 saying McDonald was swerving in and out of traffic lanes as he was heading toward Madison on Interstate 94, according to the release.

McDonald was arrested on tentative charges of operating while under the influence, operating with a suspended license and for a hit-and-run.

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