Hit-and-run crashes lead to 6th offense OWI arrest

Witness followed suspect vehicle
Hit-and-run crashes lead to 6th offense OWI arrest

Several hit-and-run crashes led to the arrest of a Fitchburg man on suspicion of 6th offense operating while intoxicated, according to Madison police.

A witness told police they followed a drunken driver Monday evening after the vehicle ran several stop lights along East Washington Avenue, nearly hitting many vehicles. Police stopped the vehicle in the 4300 block of East Washington Avenue.

Police said the vehicle might have been involved in several minor hit-and-run collisions.

Yiye Jose Velasco, 21, registered a blood alcohol level of 0.28 and several bottles of beer were found in the back of his car, according to police.

Police said Velasco provided a fake identity. He was also suspected of resisting an officer.