Historic Wisconsin Tourist Attraction Back In Business

Delavan’s Lake Lawn Resort is getting a new lease on life and bringing nearly 100 jobs back to the community.

How is the Walworth County tourist destination making a comeback?

Anchor Bank purchased Delavan’s Lake Lawn Resort at a foreclosure sale last year, only to shut it back down in December. But now a group of investors led by Lake Geneva businessman Jim Drescher said that they hope to return the landmark to its former glory as a family and tourist destination.

It’s a goal that George Tasker certainly supports. Tasker has been enjoying the view of Lake Delavan from the shores of Lake Lawn Resort for a mere 66 years.

“I came from Chicago and there was a lot of girls here, so we’d hitchhike up, go to the dancehalls and have a good time,” recalls Tasker.

But Tasker’s tradition was in danger of extinction when the historic hot spot went into foreclosure last year and closed for about six months.

But now, brighter days are here for Lake Lawn Resort.

Jim Drescher is one of the investors who bought the property.

“Been working on the resort, new entrance, new paving, a lot of leaks throughout the building, trying to repair all those. Get the building structurally sound again,” reported Drescher of the work that has gone into making Lake Lawn Resort viable again.

The new owners officially took over May 20, and after about a week of hard work, the marina and golf course reopened just in time for Memorial Day.

“The whole thing has been a community effort,” said Drescher. “Not just the ownership, we inherited a great team of people who used to work here and have the enthusiasm for it.”

In its heyday, Lake Lawn Resort was the third largest employer in Delavan.

So far, the new owners have hired about 100 people.

The words Drescher hears most, he said: “Thank you.”

“The new owner has done a terrific job with the property,” said Tasker. “It’s back to better shape than it’s ever been.”

The Tasker family aren’t the only ones pulling for a fresh start for Lake Lawn Resort.

Drescher is hoping this will be the beginning of a new chapter in the resort’s history.

“For 130 years, this has been here,” Drescher said. “Why shouldn’t we be able to keep it like this for another 130 years?”

Lake Lawn Resort is hoping to start renting out rooms later in July, and they’ve already booked several weddings starting in August.

For more information, go to their website.