Hillary Clinton makes first Wisconsin stop of campaign

Hillary Clinton makes first Wisconsin stop of campaign

Hillary Rodham Clinton has framed women’s issues such as equal pay as economic issues that affect everyone.

She also spoke about foreign policy and climate change at a rally in Milwaukee on Thursday evening.

“The Republicans often say, ‘Well there she goes playing the gender card.’ Well, if advocating equal pay for equal work is playing the gender card, deal me in. I am ready to play,” Clinton said.

The Democratic presidential candidate and former secretary of state also criticized GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. She targeted Walker’s stance on women’s health issues, unions and equal pay.

“It seems to me just observing him that Gov. Walker thinks because he busts unions, starves universities, guts public education, demeans women, scapegoats teachers, nurses and firefighters, he is some kind of tough guy on his motorcycle,” Clinton said.

Walker, meanwhile, said in a statement about Clinton’s visit to the state that she could learn lessons from what he’d done in Wisconsin.

Clinton’s speech marked her first trip to Wisconsin since announcing her run for president.