Hillary cleared; time for another investigation

Hillary Clinton

Almost lost in all the hoopla about the impeachment trial of President Trump is a report that yet another Justice Department of Hillary Clinton has concluded without the former Secretary of State being charged with wrongdoing.

Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered the probe shortly after taking office and shortly before being fired by Trump for . . .well, I’m not sure what the reason was.

At any rate, we all know what this means.  It means it is time to appoint another prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton.

If there is any one sacred belief that unites the political right in this country it is that Hillary Clinton is a crook, a traitor, maybe even a murderess.

They – the crackpot and often mainline – right have been sending people after Clinton for more than 30 years.  The fact that these investigations never come up with anything serious just convinces her detractors that she is even more evil and devilish than they first thought.

It’s not that she hasn’t made mistakes during her decades of public service.  Anyone who is in the political limelight the way she has is bound to do something wrong or shady at one time or another.  Maybe not Jimmy Carter, but he is the exception that proves the point.

Currently, if you read social media posts, she is accused of selling 20 percent of the nation’s uranium supply to Russia.  She didn’t.  The Clinton Foundation is accused of being a money-laundering scheme to help Hillary become president.  It isn’t and it didn’t (I know this because it’s all been investigated over and over).

She has been accused of making too much money in Arkansas, of wrecking the White House travel office, of hiding Rose Law Firm files.  She was Secretary of State when terrorists destroyed an American diplomatic compound in India and our ambassador died and her enemies insist she could have saved his life by calling in the Air Force (the military people say they couldn’t have gotten there in time).  She is accused of having a White House aide, Vince Foster, murdered.  She is accused of being a lesbian (her enemies truly hate the fact her marriage has endured).

Hating Hillary is a national pastime.

What has Clinton done to deserve all this?  She has devoted her entire professional life to serving this country, our country.  And she had the audacity to think that her career entitled her to run for President.

So, I don’t think I’m being crazy in predicting the Republicans will embark on another investigation – or that they may already have done so.  That’s what they do.  They will be investigating her 30 years after she is dead.

But, at least, she won’t be around to see it.