High water in Janesville causes major road to close

On a rainy January day, a number of streets flooded in the city of Janesville, according to the Janesville Gazette .

Ruger Avenue near Greendale Drive in Janesville will be closed to vehicular traffic driving through, because of high water levels.

According to the city of Janesville, the street will be closed until the water has lowered to a level that is safe for vehicles to pass through. The city is setting up a detour to avoid the area.

Access to driveways will be kept open between South Pontiac Drive and North Wright Road on Ruger Avenue.

City staff will be clearing ice and debris from the storm drains, which are blocked and are causing the flooding. The city is encouraging people to avoid driving through standing or flowing water.

Earlier Monday, the city of Janesville sent out a release to remind people to do their part to prevent flooding by clearing out storm sewer catch basins that are blocked with debris.