Hidden cash craze coming to Madison

Twitter account owner wants to remain anonymous
Hidden cash craze coming to Madison

A social media craze that struck on the west and east coasts appears to be coming to Madison.

A Madison man told News 3 he’s not related to the hidden cash social experiment that’s the brainchild of a California real estate investor, but he was inspired by it.

The man, who doesn’t want to be identified, said he’s not a millionaire but he wants to give away about $100 a week starting later this week and will post clues about the whereabouts of the cash on his Twitter account. He has no set amount he plans to give away.

The Twitter account “Hidden Cash Madison” popped up Sunday. The first post reads “Hello Madison, Fun Starts This Week! Stay Tuned!”

The man called News 3 Monday to verify the account is real. He said he’s a lifelong resident of Madison. He said he wants to build a following and plans to reveal clues for finding the cash on Thursday or Friday.

He said he will do a scavenger hunt with clues. He said he just wants to make some people happy.

Social media experts said the unique treasure hunt is a brilliant marketing tool.

“Somebody has a self interest here, whether it is a noble, social cause or a product. And this is kind of a tried and true way of getting people’s attention and getting excitement and conversation going,” University of Wisconsin life sciences senior lecturer Michael Flaherty said.

The account was discovered over the weekend and already has more than 1,200 followers.

The “Hidden Cash” craze has hit Brooklyn, Las Vegas and Houston. It came to Chicago on Sunday.