Heritage Tavern introduces new outdoor dining space downtown

When the weather clears, the restaurant will be taking reservations for a new patio.
White tent patio at Heritage Tavern with view of the capital building.
Daniel Fox and Heritage Tavern

Heritage Tavern has added something new to its normal offerings, and it’s not a something you’ll find on the menu.

A new patio at the restaurant’s downtown location, which will be available for reservations Wednesday through Sunday from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., opens Thursday. However, patio service at Heritage is weather dependent, so as long as there are clear skies guests can make reservations in the new space.

Daniel Fox, the owner and executive chef of Heritage Tavern, describes the new patio as a personalized garden and dining space when compared to the patio at the Fitchburg location. The space is 80 feet by 30 feet, with half of the area covered by a 40-foot-by-20-foot tent, and is decorated with 11 tables and 30 seats.

“We did the landscaping ourselves,” says Fox. “We planted fresh herbs of lemongrass, thyme, oregano, etc. along with fresh flowering annuals and perennials.” Other herbs planted include lavender, basil, peppermint, sage, hibiscus and cilantro, all from K&A Greenhouse in Verona.

Planning for the new patio began with the desire for the restaurant to operate while prioritizing their guests’ and employees’ safety during the coronavirus. Heritage Tavern is strictly following the health and safety guidelines set in place by Public Health Madison & Dane County and the World Health Organization. Masks are required for entry and in shared spaces.

“We are extremely excited to open this patio to offer our guests a safe place to dine along with providing a safe environment for our staff,” Fox says.

A new tent space allotted as a beer garden also opened up at the Heritage BBQ & To-Go in Fitchburg earlier this week.

Hannah Twietmeyer is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine.