Here’s why you shouldn’t post pictures of your COVID-19 vaccination card to social media

MADISON, Wis. — As the COVID-19 vaccine continues to roll out, more people are posting pictures of their vaccination cards to social media. Local police departments and the Better Business Bureau are advising people to not post the cards because of the self-identifying information on it that could make you vulnerable to identity theft.

“People can open credit cards in your name. They have your name and your birthdate. All they need is your social security number and your address. Your address is usually available online through different platforms. Scammers are out there and purchase social security numbers on the dark web,” said Tiffany Schultz with the Better Business Bureau of Wisconsin.

Schultz said when people get vaccinated, they are usually given the vaccination card and a sticker. Schultz recommends posting a picture of the sticker instead so no personal information is shared and publicly available to scammers.

“There are some frames on social media that you can use. If you’re excited and want to post on social media, use the alternative and use a sticker or frame that is available on social media to share your celebration,” Schultz said.

The Waunakee Police Department posted on its Facebook page also advising people to be careful what information can be seen on the cards.

“Us and other police departments in the area that I’ve seen have been posting this. As we all know, the COVID vaccine has become real popular and is picking up speed,” said Lieutenant Roger Bartels. “Just blur it out, black it out or put a sticker over your name and date of birth. There’s nothing wrong with being proud of getting the vaccine. We just don’t want you to fall victim to identity theft.”

Schultz also recommends posting a blank card as an alternative.

“Just because we don’t have a report today doesn’t mean we won’t have a report tomorrow,” Schultz said.

If you lose your vaccination card, you can visit the CDC’s website and subscribe to vaxtext, which will text you a reminder about when to go get your second dose of the vaccine. You can also contact your local public health department if you lose your vaccine card.