Here’s some of the ways to get a free ride to your polling place on Election Day

MADISON, Wis. — Not having a ride to the polls on Election Day can be a barrier that keeps people from voting.

In an effort to get people to the polls, several local and national organizations are offering free or discounted rides on November 8.

Union Cab of Madison is one of those groups that want to make sure everyone’s voice is lifted up to get the best candidates in office.

“We’re really hoping people are going to go out to the polls,” said JP Ziemer with Union Cab of Madison. “This is a really pivotal election.”

“We’re a worker-owned cooperative and as such, we believe in democracy,” said David Lee, the operations manager at Union Cab. “Union is trying to make it so there’s as many areas as possible to exercise that right.”

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This Tuesday, Union Cab and many others are making it possible to focus more on the ballot, and less on the way to get there.

“We want people to get involved, hear people’s voices and make the right decision that way,” said Lee.

One factor that can keep people from casting their ballot on Election Day is just being able to get to the polls.

“According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, 31% of Wisconsinites are non-drivers,” said Barbara Beckert, the director of external advocacy at Disability Rights Wisconsin.

Beckert says this Election Day, some people need a lift in order to get their voices heard.

“It’s very disturbing when someone is not able to participate in our democracy and exercise that basic civil rights because they can’t get accessible transportation,” said Beckert.

A list of rides to the rolls, compiled by Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition, is available here.

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin has provided a list of places you can get a free ride to the polls in Madison. That list is available here.

Additionally, Lyft is also helping more people get to the polls with access to discounted rideshare, bikeshare, and scooter rides.  Riders can preload the code VOTE22 before Election Day for a 50% discount that gets applied to their ride to the polls on November 8.