Here’s a list of items that will be tax-exempt during Wisconsin’s sales tax holiday in August

Here’s a list of items that will be tax-exempt during Wisconsin’s sales tax holiday in August

Back-to-school items such as school supplies and clothes, will be exempt from sales tax from Aug. 1 to Aug. 5, under a law Gov. Scott Walker signed in April.

According to a list released by the Wisconsin Department of Revenue, however, those aren’t the only items you will be able to buy tax-free.

“If the consumer thinks that they’ve been charged incorrectly… they need to go back to the retailer and let them know they were charged incorrectly, and the retailer should return the tax to the consumer,” said Nate Weber, the director of technical services for the Department of Revenue Division Income, Sales and Excise Tax.

Four categories of items will be exempt for those five days in August.

There are more than 40 items in the clothing category, including shirts, jeans, and sneakers, as well as some odder items, such as wedding apparel, rubber pants, hosiery and beach capes. To be exempt, each item must cost $75 or less. This category is considered “not all-inclusive,” meaning for types of clothing could be tax-exempt.

The computer category has three items: desktop computers, laptop and notebook computers, and tablets. Each item must cost $750 or less.

The school computer supplies category includes such items as printers, CDs and personal digital assistants not including cellphones. Each item must have a price tag of $250 or less.

The school supplies category lists more than two dozen items, which must cost less than $75 apiece.

News 3 contacted a number of local business owners, and many of them had not realized that they sold items that would be free from sales tax.

Anne Albrecht has owned RavenWorks at Westgate Mall for more than a decade.

“I had heard about the sales tax holiday,” Albrecht said. “I had no idea it applied to this kind of business. That’s pretty cool. I had no idea at all. I hope it’s well-publicized because I think if people know about it, it could really give us a boost.”

RavenWorks, a historical clothing shop, sells clothing from a number of different historical periods.

The list of tax-free items specifically includes costumes, but does not include “costume masks sold separately.”

The sales tax holiday will take place just in time for a number of fairs attended by Albrecht’s customers.

“Renaissance fair season here will be still running until September, and then from there it goes to Minnesota,” she said. “There are a lot of small fairs throughout the country.”

Her shop also sells some formalwear and boots — two other items on the list. She said customers buy from her for all sorts of reasons.

“We’re the place that you go when you want to win the Halloween costume contest at work, and I can actually say that we have many people who do that on a routine basis,” she said.