Henry Vilas Zoo launches new membership program

Henry Vilas Zoo
File photo

MADISON, Wis. – The Henry Vilas Zoo is launching a new conservation club membership program following the end of its partnership with its main fundraising group.

According to a news release, the membership program will help keep admission to the zoo free, improve animal care and exhibits and raise awareness about poaching and habitat loss issues. The base cost is $36 a year, which includes gift shop discounts and invites to members-only events.

“The Henry Vilas Zoo is a community treasure, and we are happy to launch the Conservation Club to provide community members with a new way to support the zoo and become more involved with its offerings,” said Dane County Executive Joe Parisi. “The Henry Vilas Zoo takes pride in its education and conservation efforts to save endangered species, and the Conservation Club membership program will allow us to further these vital initiatives.”

The Conservation Club has four levels of membership. Higher-cost memberships come with behind-the -scenes tours and VIP access to exclusive benefits.

All of the proceeds from the Conservation Club will go to benefit the Henry Vilas Zoo, with half directly supporting wildlife conservation.

The zoo is now run by the county.