Help your guests have fun at your wedding

Help your guests have fun at your wedding

When attending a wedding, there can be a lot of down time for guests as they’re waiting for the wedding party to arrive at the reception, or they’re waiting for dinner to be served. Consider these ideas to help keep your guests entertained at your wedding.

Games: Print off game cards for your guests for games they can play at their table. Some ideas can include an “I Spy” game to get them to look around the room, or ice breaker games to help them get to know the other guests at their table.

Board Games: If you don’t want to create your own games, provide your guests with some classic board games like Checkers, Sorry and Jenga. You can personalize the games by having you and your new spouse provide your favorite board games.

Yard Games: Outdoor weddings can be a bit more creative when it comes to entertaining your guests. You can set up games around your yard, like a bean-bag toss, croquet, bocce ball and other classic yard games.

Advice: Leave paper on the table for your guests to leave you some wedding advice. You can guide them along by giving each table a topic for which they should give you advice about.

Cameras: Let your guests entertain themselves and also help you get more pictures of your wedding by putting disposable cameras on each table. For guests who prefer to take photos on their phones, consider setting up a “selfie” contest to see who can take the best selfie at your wedding.