Help support Dane County Parks, their friends

Help support Dane County Parks, their friends

This may be a surprise to many of you but the health and vitality, access and hospitality of Dane County’s wonderful parks are dependent on volunteers. And right now, those volunteers are dependent on you.

They call themselves Friends of Dane County Parks and there are currently 14 Friends Groups including the original formed at Schumacher Farm Park near Waunakee in 1989. There’s an event Tuesday evening recognizing the important work the more than 4,000 volunteers have contributed and to celebrate the county parks at which over two-and a half million visitors a year, bike and hike and walk their dogs and play disc golf, simply enjoy the outdoors and more.

The event is also an opportunity to help create a badly needed foundation to support the work of the Friends’ groups, an endowment given a generous matching grant by the Madison Community Foundation that still needs some 20-thousand dollars to complete.

So come out to the Brink Lounge and join us in supporting the volunteers and our parks. It’s from 5 to 7 and you can make your donation at the door. Come and tell us which park is yours.