Help coming for school where pheasants were killed

Donors step forward to help
Help coming for school where pheasants were killed
Richland school district is looking into who killed 39 pheasants from their FFA program

In the wake of an act of vandalism in which 50 pheasants were killed at Richland Center High School several individuals and organizations have offered to replace the birds for the student program.

Last Wednesday the agriculture teacher at the school discovered the pheasant-raising sheds had been broken into. Inside the two sheds he found 50 birds dead, another 50 escaped the enclosure to nearby fields and 50 pheasants were found alive inside the sheds.

The pheasants are raised by students at the school throughout the summer and then released in the fall. The pheasant-raising program has been operated at the school for 16 years.

Jon Bosworth, principal at Richland Center High School, confirmed that four individuals or organizations have contacted the school with an offer to replace the pheasants that were killed. That information has been given to the agriculture teacher at the school.

A decision on when or how to replace the birds killed by the vandals will be made at a later time.