Heat prompts Madison schools to open pools to public

Pools open sporadically throughout Thursday

Madison School & Community Recreation made a big splash Thursday by opening its pools for a free swim.

Madison East, Memorial and LaFollette high schools let the public use their pools to take a break from the heat.

The pools were opened for a few hours throughout the day when they weren’t being used for swimming lessons.

But, the heat caused MSCR to cancel all other recreational activities.

“We’re just trying to find ways to stay cool and Madison, my boyfriend’s daughter, has been wanting to bike and things outside so this is a much cooler activity,” said Karen Tiedt at the LaFollette High School pool.

Each session attracted up to 75 swimmers, according to MSCR officials.

Pools were also open Tuesday evening.

MSCR officials said they don’t know if the pools will be open again for another free swim during this heat wave.