Hear Jerell Moore’s powerful message to Badger nation

MADISON, Wis. — It has been 10 months since Wisconsin Assistant Coach Howard Moore lost his wife and daughter in a car crash.

Coach Moore is still in the process of recovering, so family, friends and Badger fans held a fundraiser at Bonefish Grill in Madison on Sunday night. The money raised will help remodel the Moore Family home to suit Coach Moore’s needs.

While I was at the fundraiser, Coach Moore’s 13-year-old son Jerell — who survived the car crash — came up to me. He asked to talk, and then asked me if I could interview him. This was truly a tough one for me. As a member of the media, especially in this kind of situation, we always want to be respectful of privacy and space. But, Howard’s mom gave him permission, so we did a quick interview.

Jerell told me later off camera that it’s something he had been wanting to do for a while because there are so many people out there that have helped him and his family. It is truly stunning how brave and mature this 13-year old boy is. He told me how he’s going to be okay, but also how he is blessed to have all of these people supporting him. That kind of humility and personality can only come from a child raised by the Moore family.

If you want to help the Moore Foundation, go to this link to donate.