Health experts warn COVID-19 could have lasting effects on body

MADISON, Wis.– Health experts are finding evidence that COVID-19 can have lasting effects up to months after symptoms first show.

Researchers around the world found that more than 50 percent of patients can experience symptoms for months after a diagnosis, in some cases even long lasting effects on the lungs and heart, according to UW Health officials.

Chief Quality Officer at UW Health, Dr. Jeff Pothof said it could take years to learn the full effects that COVID-19 will do to a person’s body.

“We know that the damage is lingering. It’s not fixing itself right away,” Pothof said. “We do not know if that damage will ever fix itself or if it’s just going to take people months and months, years to recover from this. We just don’t know.”

For these reasons, Pothof said it remains critical for people to do their best to avoid contracting coronavirus by distancing and wearing masks.