‘He holds a grudge’: As accusations mount against a Rock County Superintendent, a former staff member shares their experience

Dr. Stanley Munro

BELOIT, Wis – A formal complaint has been filed against School District of Beloit Superintendent Dr. Stanley Munro, according to the Beloit Daily News.

The complaint, made by two top officials, alleges Munro used his position to intimidate staff and make attempts to withhold information from records requests.

One former employee of the district says during Munro’s tenure, this type of behavior has been common.

“He has a way of, if he doesn’t like you, you don’t have a shot,” said the former staffer, who spoke to News 3 Now on basis of anonymity.  “He holds a grudge like I have never seen before.”

Tonight, the district isn’t responding to request for comment.

The former staff member says Munro’s behavior extended beyond the two administrators detailed in the Beloit Daily News article.

“Certain staff members and teachers had made mention of the behavior,” they said. “As a result, a lot of them are on medication for anxiety and blood pressure medication. They are taking way more mental healthy days between teachers and staff. ”

According to the complaint listed in the Beloit Daily News, Munro is accused of retaliating against staff members, in addition to calling and texting them excessively.

“I am concerned for our district,” said the former staff member.  “For our teachers in the district, for our children in the district. We need to get back on track to where we can get the great district we once had.”