Hazmat crews respond to chemical spill

3 people transported to hospital as a precaution
Hazmat crews respond to chemical spill


Three people were transported to UW Hospital as a precaution following a chemical spill on Madison’s west side, officials said.

Crews responded to Mentor Biologics, Inc., at 535 Science Drive, around 5:40 p.m. for a small leak of a diluted mixture of chloride dioxide, officials said. Chlorine dioxide is highly toxic and flammable.

Before crews arrived, employees shut down the building’s air-handling unit and isolated the chemical and three people who inhaled the chemical’s fumes, according to a release. The three people were transported as a precaution.

“When we got here, the people were alert and oriented times three,” Madison Fire Department Division Chief Art Price said. “That means they were walking and talking and didn’t show any signs of distress, but they were transported as a precautionary measure to make sure everything was okay.”

The hazardous materials team monitored the air inside the hallways to make sure the building was safe the employees to return, officials said.

“There’s no concern to the public. Everything is contained in the structure,” Price said.

Price also said there were no concerns about other hazardous materials in the building.