Hazelnut Café Hits the Sweet Spot

Hazelnut Café Hits the Sweet Spot
The Ted pizza with spinach, red sauce, onions and grape tomatoes (left); owner Matt Heindl.

It doesn’t take long to figure out that Hazlenut Café owner Matt Heindl is about two things: family and food. On any given day, you’ll likely see his father, Dan, and his sweet daughter, Evelyn Hazel, the café’s namesake, roaming about the airy space serving up Heindl’s delectable bites. “No matter how good your food is, children will always want hotdogs and white squishy bread,” says Heindl.

But you won’t see hot dogs and squishy bread on the menu at the Hazelnut. Instead, you’ll find artisan breads and sourdough pizzas baked fresh in a wood-fired oven Heindl basically built with his own two hands, thanks to the encouragement of his engineer-minded family. “I learned to read because of my fondness of pound cake and pumpkin pie,” says Heindl. “My father handed me the recipe and said, ‘Here, you need to make it yourself!'”

Heindl believes he’s leading the market for sourdough pizza crust. Try the Bianca, made with Farmer John’s cheeses, garlic and sunflower oil. Another fan favorite is the apple spinach sandwich with cheddar cheese and Dijon mustard. And you can’t go wrong with the stuffed croissants. 

If the food isn’t enough, you’ll find some wonderful characters who help create the scene at the Hazelnut. From singers to artists, they’ve formed quite a little community—and a new little family in Blue Mounds.

“It’s a little simpler out here,” says Heindl. “It just seemed like this little perfect sweet spot.”

10985 Division St., Blue Mounds, 220-1100