Harry Potter festival to move to Jefferson in 2017

Businesses excited about hosting festival
Harry Potter festival to move to Jefferson in 2017

The Jefferson City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to host the Harry Potter Festival in 2017.

Organizers and brothers Scott and Rob Cramer discussed in-depth details of where people would park and where events would be hosted throughout the three-day event.

Local business owners said they were excited about hosting the Harry Potter Festival.

“I think it will bring a lot of people to town that we normally wouldn’t have coming here otherwise,” Josh Lotz, The Drug Store owner, said.

Downtown business owners said Jefferson is the perfect location for the event.

“We’re 30 minutes from Madison, you’re 30 minutes from Janesville, 30 minutes from Brookfield,” Dave Knutson, Knutson Jewelers owner, said. “It’s very easy to get to. You’re right off the interstates.”

Other community members said they were excited to see people in costume flood the streets for the festival.

“This would just be fabulous if we saw people all dressed up and doing weird things,” Judy Waldmann, Waldmann Shoe Store owner, said.

The festival started in 2015, and Edgerton has hosted it since the beginning. The organizers presented a list of requests to the city council to help put the festival together, but the council denied many of them. The organizers had approached other cities about hosting the event, and when the deal with Edgerton fell through, they looked at their other options, which led them to Jefferson.