Harmony Bar launches GoFundMe to raise funds amid COVID-19 struggles

Harmony Bar has been a local staple since 1990.
burger from Harmony Bar
Photo by John Urban

The Harmony Bar on Atwood Avenue has been a local staple since 1990, and now, the bar is asking the community for support during these challenging times.

The GoFundMe, organized by Marcus Johnson, a Harmony bartender, aims to raise funds to keep the Harmony Bar open.

Johnson says in the GoFundMe, electricity is about $2,000 a month, insurance is about $2,000 and payroll for employees is about $3,500. With reduced hours, he says Harmony is barely making $800 a week.

“The slow burn of losing all the social aspects of our community has been a challenge,” Johnson says. “The thing that makes the Harmony ‘the Harmony’ is being squeezed by COVID-19 and now the weather.”

Over the summer, people would visit Harmony’s patio, but as the weather gets colder and COVID-19 cases are surging, Johnson says “no one can blame anyone for not wanting to eat outside or inside.”

The staff members at Harmony Bar are trying everything they can to keep going, the GoFundMe says. They are hoping that by April, they can start outdoor seating again.

Johnson says anything that the community can do, including ordering food to go, can help keep the Harmony Bar open. The goal is set at $42,000 to cover the GoFundMe fee, any unforeseeable events and costs for the next five months.

“Keeping the Harmony Bar doors open means our staff that do not have a second or third job will be able to make ends meet in their lives,” Johnson says. “It also means our community can bite into some nostalgia when they are missing their peeps.”

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