Hargrove can practice, can’t play with Packers

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Anthony Hargrove, the Green Bay Packers’ new signing, can practice with his new teammates but can’t play for the team until November.
Hargrove came to Green Bay as part of the plan to fix the defense, but Hargrove is defending himself this off-season.

The defensive end was implicated in the bounty scandal surrounding the New Orleans Saints. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell suspended Hargrove for the first eight games of the season for trying to injure players for cash bonuses.

Hargrove said he’s trying to come clean and move past a bad situation.

“Business is business,” he said. “You find out as a player, you’re supposed to do what your coaches tell you to do. My response is what it was. Everything I gave in that declaration outlines exactly what happens then. My coaches ask me to do something, I’m going to do it. Same way I’m going to do it here. Coach Dom says, ‘Get the quarterback!’ I’m going to get the quarterback. That’s just my responsibility as a player”