Happy Campers

Happy Campers

With summer vacation dwindling by and July restlessness sneaking up, a camping trip can be just the cure for summer sloth.

We took to Fontana Sports downtown to learn what manager Crystal Neely considers must-have items for a quick camping trip. (To give you that extra incentive to experience the great outdoors, each of her recommendations is twenty percent off during the store’s Fourth of July sale.)

If your tent is looking a little shabby or you’ve found yourself needing room for one (or two) more, Neely recommends the Eureka Copper Canyon series [shown above]. Each tent is designed to fit a different number of people, so whether you’re a family of four or a party of twelve, there’s a tent for you. $160–$360 during the sale

Once you’ve got a roof over your head, you’ll probably be wanting some grub. According to Neely, the Coleman Perfectflow InstaStart Grill Stove [shown at left] is just the ticket. As the name indicates, this propane stove also features a grill, letting you fry your eggs and grill your sausage at the same time. The best news is that it comes with Coleman’s five-year warranty for all those camping trips to come. $64.99 during the sale

Covering another basic need is the Slumberjack Latitude 40° Sleeping Bag [shown at right]. A good summer-weight sleeping bag, this Slumberjack model’s shape and hood are designed to keep you warm at temperatures as low as forty degrees, meaning you won’t wake up cold on chilly summer nights. Place on top of an air mattress, and you won’t even know you’re roughing it. $39.99 during the sale

Allegra Dimperio is an editorial intern at Madison Magazine.