Half of Wisconsin meth labs found in Rock, Walworth counties

Half of Wisconsin meth labs found in Rock, Walworth counties

Half of the nearly 30 methamphetamine labs identified by law enforcement in Wisconsin since October have been found in two southern counties.

Data from the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Milwaukee office shows Rock County had four labs while Walworth County had nine.

Rock County sheriff’s Cmdr. Troy Knudson said that meth incidents are increasing statewide, with almost 50 labs found in fiscal year 2016 compared to almost 15 in 2012.

Walworth County sheriff’s Capt. Robert Hall says the county drug unit’s focus on investigating meth cases is likely why police have uncovered so many. Knudson says there is no doubt more meth being used in the state, but believes the is now a bigger push to crack down on it. Which is why, in his eyes, find more meth labs is a positive.

“Law enforcement is doing some phenomenal work out there and I think because of their efforts we’ve been able to keep some of this problem in check,” he said.

Law enforcement officials say the meth labs found in the area tend to be one-pot meth cooks that use plastic bottles, which can explode and cause serious chemical damage.