Halderson will not testify in his homicide trial, defense will call no witnesses

Chandler Halderson Trial Day 5 Defense Table

MADISON, Wis. — Chandler Halderson will not testify as his defense prepares for its portion of his homicide trial.

Prior to the jury being called in for the ninth day of testimony in the trial, Judge John Hyland asked Halderson’s defense team if he plans to testify. Halderson confirmed that he is taking his right not to testify in his own defense.

Prior to the trial starting, Halderson’s defense team asked prospective jurors if they would hold it against Halderson if he did not testify, or would take it as a sign of guilt. Some prospective jurors were dismissed when they said they would not be able to see past the fact the defendant didn’t testify.

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The decision from comes as the prosecution prepares to rest its case Thursday. The defense says it will also not call any additional witnesses and will immediately rest.

With no witnesses being called by the defense, closing arguments will begin Thursday.

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